My Story

I'm a simple Bangladeshi guy who loves to travel and work on the most difficult project.

Who I am?


Who Is Mohmad Sojib?
Describe in one word “Your Next Link Builder”


My Goal
My dream is wanna be a great marketer and helps 1 billion people to make successful by the blessing “ALL MIGHTY ALLAH”.


Why me?
Create links by using the 100% white-hat Link Building strategy that search engines love.

My Journey

In 2013, for the very first time, I heard about search engine optimization from my good friend Shib Modak Shuvo. He informed me that if I learn SEO, I could make tons of money. At that time I was a grade 9 student. And then I continue to investigate more about it with my Nokia E66 Mobile Phone. And then I continue to approach lots of individuals to help me learn SEO. But no one helps.

After that, Shib helps me and I construct an audio download site Realbd.Mobi and uploaded a lot of songs. After a few days, I earn 9 Bangladeshi Taka. I was so soaked. I make cash.

But my family chose not to support me. They took my cellular phone away from me. And I can not continue this way I was dejected.

After a few months, my SSC assessment knocked on my doorstep. At that time, I begin studying again and got 4.89 out of 5.00. My family was disappointed in my result.

That’s why in 2015 my family admit me to “Sristy College of Tangail” as a residential hostel student.

But the college hostel administration is so much strict about using mobile or laptops. They can’t allow me to use my mobile or laptop.

But sometimes I go to cybercafes to learn SEO. But it was so risky for me.

I don’t know how can I full fill my dream.

I was crying. 😥

After a couple of months, my first college exam began. And I failed in math. I did not think I’d be able to make it through.

My roommates Avijit, Foysal, and Mayen advised I speak with my grandfather. Then I spoke with my grandfather and explained why I failed in math.

He understands the troubles of my life and brings me back to my home. Afterward, I continue my studies happily. But it was too late, to learn from my mistakes back then in the HSC exam. I’ll make an appointment with Foysal Ahmed, my physics teacher from a long time ago, and he’ll provide me with advice and start me studying.

In April 2017 start my HSC exam and got 5.00 on that exam.

Alhumdulillah 🤗

This time my family was so happy. And then I came to Dhaka (the Capital city of Bangladesh) and join the “UDVASH” university admission test coaching center.

My family was so happy at that time. And then I went to Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, and joined the UDVASH university entrance exam coaching center. I anticipated that I would get admitted to a public college, but I failed all of the college entrance exams for personal reasons. My friends have all been admitted to different public colleges, and some of them start ignoring me.

I was so so frustrated and try to suicide. But I can’t do anything for my grandma and grandpa. I love them a lot.

But thanks to Rubel, and Alim they help me a lot to get rid of frustration.

and then my time is being…

My Professional Journey

On December 21, 2017, I entered into the concept of SEO with 100 BDT on my hands. I did not have any other funds but this amount, so I brought 10 GB of data to the Internet through an Airtel SIM card and then downloaded 12 SEO videos by MD Faruk Khan.

This time, I’m staying in my hometown “Tangail” where my internet connection is slow. But after midnight, I got better internet speeds. I work late to learn SEO. But I don’t have enough money to create a new website.

This time Piyash vai suggested learning WordPress, as it is uncomplicated and customizable. I began tuition and saving my money to build my first website.

Besides that, I was admitted to the “Tejgaon University Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology“. A month later I purchased a new domain name and hosting and set up the website. And my first goal is to get 100 visitors per day.

When the day comes that I reach that milestone, I am about to start providing my service. And my first client, Anne, was so happy with my service.

Then, I took training from Nasir Uddin Shamim and Abul Kashem. And they did a great job of showing me the ropes. They are the best mentors I have ever met.

Especially Abul Khashem vai fully change my career. I’m so much grateful to him.

Today I know what is SEO and how it works.

Last words: SEO change my career. By the blessing of Almighty Allah, Today I can do everything that I want.


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